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3 Reasons Your Trip to Vegas Will Blow (Unless you read this)

A trip to Vegas is like a trip top Disneyland in lots of ways – but if you Vegas at Night Parismake a mistake it can be like a trip to hell instead. You’ve heard the tagline – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and for the most part that’s because people are too embarrassed of their mistakes to tell you about them but there are some big no-nos when it comes to Vegas and the top one isn’t losing all your money in a casino.  If you go to Vegas and lose all your money at the Tropicana – that’s because you’re one of those born every minute and there’s nothing I can do for you, but these three mistakes can cost you just as much – or more.

1) You didn’t book your hotel room in advance. 

I hear ya, I like to fly by the seat of my pants when I travel too, but Las Vegas, Nevada is not the place to do it. There are a gazillion hotels in Vegas and you’ll find a room, but you might find it in crackland, far off the strip, or even in a shitty cockroach filled home for the repulsive. Here’s what you do instead:

Find a hotel that fits your needs – bringing your pet? got kids? want to be near the strip? want shows in the hotel?  – Do your homework. Check out sites like Travelzoo and Hotwire for the latest deals or sneak a peak in the latest edition of Lonely Planet for what they recommend. Or, even look at TripAdvisor to see who is rated highest – then go to the website of the hotel and contact them directly. Ask for a discount, ask for special service, ask for the moon – It’s Vegas – if you catch them on the right day, they might give it to you.  Don’t forget to check the website – this is the LV Tourist Bureau and they know which hotels are full and more importantly which are empty – you’ll find deals there – especially midweek.

Here’s a super hot tip – find the lowest prices on Hotwire and then bid 10% lower on Priceline. Jackpot every time!

2) You didn’t join a Players Club or Slot Club

the vegas stripI don’t care if you don’t gamble. You’re in Vegas and besides this isn’t about gambling – it’s about taking the astounding discounts on just about everything that Vegas casinos give to those they think will gamble. Almost every casino/hotel has one and if you want to cut your bill by a huge amount – all you have to do is join. In addition, it makes gambling more affordable because come on, you’re in Vegas.

3) You think you’re an actor in a movie instead of someone getting conned

This is the biggest scam in Vegas for hungry University students to pull. Imagine that a good looking stranger starts talking to you and tells you they just won big. They are friendly and offer to treat you to a fantastic expensive meal because they don’t want to eat alone but want to celebrate their good luck –

Hey, the luck is on you because after the meal they disappear before the check is paid and guess who is left holding the bill? You. Yeah, that blows.

So there you go – save some cash, get some great benefits, and don’t get stuck with the bill – all of that means your trip to Vegas will Rock instead of Roll. Have fun!


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Recipe for a Winning Trip to Vegas

The world wants to come to Las Vegas, Nevada and the reason for that is clear.

Vegas is fun. Vegas has a bit of everything. Vegas is more than just gambling.

The World in Vegas – Image courtesy of Frankphotos on Flickr

Now, don’ t misunderstand – it’s the gambling that made Las Vegas what it is, but when you take a trip to Vegas, you really need to do more than just visit the nearest slot machines. It’s all about the subtlety of the visit.

First of all, find the right hotel. Staying on the strip isn’t for everyone, but it is still and always has been where all the action is. The truth is, if you are going to stay out in the suburbs or way over in Puhrump, you might as well stay home and enjoy your time with Poker,  which, I might add, offers you better odds than the house casinos in Puhrump.

But in truth, what you need to do is find the right place. If you are coming to Las Vegas with kids, make sure you are staying in a hotel that offers something for the kids. It makes sense, right?

If you are coming on a package tour with a bunch of Hawaiian senior citizens, stay at the California Hotel Casino where all the Hawaiian senior citizens on package tours like to stay.

And if you are coming to party like a rock star, well, in that case you may want to stay at the Hard Rock Casino. See my point?

In any event, while the hotel is important, and the gambling is important, it’s the other details that fill the gap. What are you going to be doing while you aren’t sleeping or in the casino?

Luckily Las Vegas offers plenty of options from funky museums like the Bodies exhibit at the Tropicana to day trips to Grand Canyon West where you can stand on the spooky glass skybridge and look down at the bottom of the canyon. Or, for something cooler, check out the many water parks or theme parks that abound in the area.

In fact, it’s all about filling your time with quality and substance. For example, did you know that Las Vegas is one of the premiere foodie capitals of North America? There are over 400 chefs in Vegas that have won awards for their culinary excellence at competitions around the world! Like Top Chef? Guess what, Las Vegas not only has many of your favorite chefs from the show, it even has a restaurant founded by one of the judges! In a city with that much culinary klout, you can be sure that there are cooking courses, tasting tours, wine events, and much much more.

Las Vegas Flea Market
Las Vegas Treasures Courtesy Img CC by pablobd on Flickr

On more of a budget? Want to save your nickels and pennies of the slot machines? Just outside of the city limits, you can find one of the greatest densities of charity and thrift shops which exist anywhere today. Dig through the bins and see if you can find a hidden treasure. You never know, you may find that lost copy of the Declaration of Independence or a Van Gogh hidden under someone’s art project. If that kind of treasure hunting appeals to you, the Las Vegas Flea Market is definitely a place to add to your list of stops.


At the end of the day, your trip to Las Vegas isn’t about whether you win or lose at the casinos – the key to your trip is whether you win or lose in planning to have a great time! Make your trip a winner!

The Mysteries of Vegas

Las Vegas is often thought of as sin city because of the casino lifestyle coupled with the ability to enjoy nearly anything 24/7. Adults travel to this destination city for a few days away from the normal and the opportunity to indulge in activities they don’t often engage in. However, there’s more to Vegas than just gambling, sex, drinking and the all day and night party.

An underground culture of paranormal activities including haunted tours, UFO sightings, psychics and so much more exists in this area of the country. From paranormal museums to ghost sightings, this part of the United States is oozing with mystery. Many have made it their life’s work to chase after ghost sightings, investigate poltergeists and even spend hours waiting to spot UFOs.

A Look into the World Underneath

The fastest growing part of the paranormal community includes haunted tours. These may simply seem like a fun way to enjoy a little history of some of the different buildings and areas within the city, but quickly these tours can transform into an experience not easily forgotten. Most tours run between 2 and 3 hours and leave nightly after dark.

Haunted ghost tours are not intended to be a hokey tourist activity, but instead they are designed to inform those taking the tour of buildings and areas where ghosts have been sighted in Las Vegas. These tours range from bus tours to bar hopping tours allowing visitors to enjoy the time as a guide tells stories about the different ghost spotted in the different areas. Will you see a ghost? Quite possibly, as others claim they have, while taking one of the haunted Las Vegas tours.

Another very large part of this underground community includes the many conventions held each year. One of the most popular is The Las Vegas Paranormal Conference held yearly featuring lectures, celebrity guests and even a ghost hunt event. Many of these events are held at nearby hotels or the Las Vegas Convention Center located at the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel.

Even residents of Las Vegas can become involved in the community of supernatural activity. Many paranormal research centers and investigators offering free investigations to anybody believing they’ve spotted a ghost, live in a haunted house or believe something else very strange is happening. These groups are not merely ghostbusters. They will investigate any type of paranormal activity and they believe both good and bad spirits exist.

The underground of Las Vegas is booming with many interesting people. Even Mike Kurban, a professional psychic and author of over 40 books lives in Vegas. He started the “Out of this World” Museum as a free introduction to the supernatural. Next time you travel to Sin City, just understand there’s certainly more to the city than meets the eye.

Las Vegas Holidays: 6 Reasons to Choose Las Vegas for Your Next Holiday

cc Image courtesy of jdnx on FlickrLas Vegas, Nevada is one of the most exciting cities on the planet. Although most people know all about the casinos and the opportunities to gamble, you might not realize what else there is for visitors. Whether you are looking for a place to shop until you drop or a place to watch incredible shows each night, Las Vegas is the answer.

1. See The World in Just a Day: If you want to experience the culture, cuisine and even architecture of many different countries in one day, Las Vegas is ideal. Dine on delicate French pastries with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or ride a gondola on your way to a spectacular Italian dinner.

2. Shop Until You Drop: For designer and boutique clothing, jewellery or shoes, head to either the Grand Canal Shoppes within the Venetian Hotel and Casino or the Forum Shops in Caesars. If you are looking to get a bargain rather than an upscale shopping experience, outlet malls like Las Vegas Outlet Centre and Las Vegas Premium Outlets both boast more than 100 stores and some heavily discounted merchandise.

3. World Class Shows and Performances: In nearly every casino there is at least one permanent musical performer, acrobatic show or theatrical production. Visitors to Las Vegas can watch one of eight different Cirque de Soleil shows, musical performers like Cher or Celine Dion, magicians, one-time concert specials, comedy acts and even impersonators or cabaret shows.

4. Incredible Cuisine: Food enthusiasts who come to Las Vegas will, quite simply, be in heaven. With 16 different Michelin-starred restaurants, Las Vegas is the ultimate dining destination. For less discerning tastes, there are also a number of buffets that offer up hundreds of different dishes for surprisingly low prices. Some of the most well-known buffets in Las Vegas include those in the Bellagio, in Paris Las Vegas, at the Wynn and in Planet Hollywood.

5. Thrill Rides: You might be surprised to learn that Las Vegas is home to some thrilling adventure rides. The Roller Coaster at the New York New York Hotel hits speeds of 67 miles per hour while shooting passengers into the air and then descending rapidly, and there are three similar rides at the Stratosphere Hotel. For something a little more family friendly, head to the Adventuredome at Circus Circus.

6. Outdoor Sports and Recreation: If you would rather take a hike than gamble, then escape the busy Strip and see what else Las Vegas has to offer. Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful destination for hiking and mountain climbing, and the magnificent Hoover Dam is located just an hour from the city limits.

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: Unmatched Luxury and Prestige in the Heart of Las Vegas

cc Image the Las Vegas Strip in HDR courtesy of GlacierTim on FlickrLocated in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas resort and casino boasts unassailable luxury, prestige and comfort right in the centre of the city. Holidaymakers will find everything from posh décor to world-class restaurants at this luxurious hotel.

With an eye towards guest service and comfort, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is sure to make any holiday in the city truly unforgettable. Exuding grandeur and luxury in every room, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas offers only the finest in up-market holidaymaking in Las Vegas.

Spectacular Rooms and Suites

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas offers almost 3,000 posh guests rooms that boast only the finest amenities and unmatched privacy. Rooms come equipped with comfortable, contemporary décor as well as stunning city views and king and queen-sized beds. Some even boast private terraces, affording truly brilliant views of the city all around. From suites to terraces to individual bedrooms, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas sets a new standard in terms of luxury accommodations.

World-Class Amenities to Enjoy

In addition to its wealth of luxurious guest rooms and suites, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas plays host to unrivalled guest amenities to enjoy. The hotel boasts a wide range of amenities such as a cutting-edge fitness centre and spa, a state-of-the-art business centre and a multitude of meeting rooms and event halls.

The Sahra Spa and Hammam offers world-class facilities for rejuvenation and leisure, including a steam room and professional body treatments. The hotel also boasts a wide array of up-market shops like DNA2050 and Beckley as well as world-class restaurants, bars and lounges like The Henry, the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill, the Vesper Bar and many more. For nightlife, the Marque Nightclub offers state-of-the-art concert space to keep the party going all night long. Other top-notch amenities available at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas include swimming pools, cabanas, art galleries and the Boulevard Social Club.

A Prime Location in the Heart of Las Vegas

The hotel sports a fantastic location near the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Mere minutes from world-class casinos, restaurants, theatres, galleries and other attractions, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas enjoys one of the most ideal locations in the entire city. Easy to get to and at the heart of the action, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas’s location simply can’t be beat.

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: A New Standard for Luxury in the Centre of Las Vegas

With its unmatched guest service, posh rooms and wealth of up-market amenities, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is a world-class resort in every way possible. Holidaymakers at this resort can indulge in all that Las Vegas has to offer, from world-class dining to spectacular views of the cityscape. For holidaymakers looking for somewhere to make their visit to Las Vegas truly unforgettable, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is the only place to go.

7 Ways To Enjoy Your Time in Las Vegas

Story by Hiren Busa

Vegas also popularly known as the ‘Sin City’ of America is one of the most widely recognised cities in the world. So if you are planning a journey to Nevada, Las Vegas then look at the things you should do…

  1. Bellagio Fountains….

Have you ever seen the water dance 460 feet high above the ground? This sight is visible only in Vegas and these fountains are popularly known as the ‘Bellagio fountains’. This fountain show is free and starts from 3 pm in the afternoon and finishes late midnight.

  1. Aquariums…

You can get the rare opportunity to view Sharks at the ‘Shark Reef Aquarium’. You can see some rare sea life at this aquarium which is build indoors as well as outdoors. Other aquarium sites in Vegas include the ‘Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat’ for the Dolphin lovers.

  1. The Club and Night life…

If you like clubbing and drinking then Vegas will enthral you with its night life and clubs. Some very popular local clubs play music and serve drinks to entertain their audience through early morning hours. Some popular clubs to visit in Vegas are LAX, The Bank and Tao.

  1. Spa and the Sun….

Vegas is considered to have the best spa’s in the whole of United States and are a must visit for the tourists. But as every experience in Vegas is, the spa visit can also be a very expensive affair. Las Vegas is also known for its hot weather, beach and the hotels. Some hotels organise pool parties which are quite a unique experience for the visitors.

  1. Rides and Landmarks…

Tourists who love some adrenaline rush should not miss the opportunity to visit the different theme parks and thrill rides across the city. The Paris Las Vegas casino hotel is popular for its half scale replica of the famous ‘Eiffel Tower’. You are allowed the entry at the top of this tower which gives you a fantastic opportunity to view the city.

  1. Shows and Events…

Heard of the term Cirque du Soleil? Need help from a Translation Agency . Don’t worry it’s just the name of the show organisers who specialise in street entrainment and circus shows. It is quite popular is Las Vegas and a must visit.

  1. Casinos….

If you love casinos and spending money! Las Vegas is ready for you. Hundreds of hotels and casinos all across the city are filled with people throughout the night. People from all across the world just visit the sin city to spend money in these casinos.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your Las Vegas journey today.

Summer Breeze in Las Vegas

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Summer Breeze in Las Vegas
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We have 2 lounges with Big Screens…The downstairs has a 60 in and the upstairs lounge has a 50 in, a Pool table, Putting screen and another Queen size Sofa sleeper with Inner Spring Mattress…

There is a formal dining room with seating for 6 with a Formal living room also set up with a Queen size Sofa sleeper…

The Master bedroom is very Spacious and over looks the Sparkling Pool…There is a Separate Shower with over sized tub and walk-in closet…The room is also equipped with a 32in T.V and DVD player so can enjoy movies in your room…

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Las Vegas Nevada Hotel Deals

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